Friday, July 29, 2005

A Deep Question

A deeper philosophical question is: is inequality inevitable? Could the decades of the 40's through the Early 70's, when the poor were well taken care of and labor had tremendous power an anomaly in human history. In short, was Nietzsche right?
For me, it’s a case of the head versus the heart. My head is with logic, reason and survival of the fittest, but my heart worries about those "left in the dust" of progress and prosperity.
There is much truth in Nietzsche’s general perception of things. But, the moral implications are disturbing...
Yet, in nature, there is little if any sign of the exsistance of justice or morality, or equality. Yet, belief is such things are what define us as human. Is there a future for such human qualities or are will they die with us.
Or perhaps we can find a middle road between "winner take all" and human compassion.

The Real "traiters"

Some on the right accuse liberals of being "traitors", But, what about the traitorous actions of many US corporations?
Recently, Yahoo agreed to help China censor the web. In the name of profits, they are actively working with a police state to undermine a fundamental human right. Why havn’t the politician in Washington taken any action?
Wal Mart tries to betray itself as an "all American" company, yet they has been the leader in outsourcing American jobs to China. They have also had numerous instances of hiring illegal immigrants and undermining the rights of workers.
John Kerry correctly characterized companies which move their corporate charter over seas as "Benidict Arnold corporations." And what other name should we give to companies who want all the benefits of the US government without pay taxes?
While the politicians argue over esotaric issues such as abortion and homosexuality(and how many angels can dance on a the head of a pin) the republic is slowly being undermined by corporations who put quick profits above of what’s good for America.
Indeed, the "culture war" is nothing more than a side show, while issues of great consequence are quietly brushed under the table.

Religious Contradictions

It is more than a little ironic that many of those who believe a in a God who sits in judgement of us would be so willing to try to legislate morality. If there is indeed a God who is truly watching and judging us, than Earthly law is pretty much irrelevant in the end.
They say God is a choice. If this is so, than trying to force people into belief or morality is pointless.
It as if some people don’t think God can run things on his own. In doing so, they are belittling the very God they claim to "praise".

Friday, July 22, 2005

Right Wing Pseudoscience

Right Wing nut job Judith Reisman claims that viewing porn causes the brain to release “erotoxins” which supposedly create problems with cognition and impulse control.

More this at Nobody's Business:

What if they discover "fundimentalisttoxins" that are released when people view the 700 club or read the "Left Behind" series? One can imagine the lawsuits.

If they exist, they might damage person's ability to tolerate personal freedom and to think rationally.

She Also claims that Alfred Kinsey died because of excessive masturbation. But, what a way to go! : )

The really scary thing is that Miss. Reisman has testified before congress and has more power and influence than someone with her nutty, pseudoscientific theories should have.

Divine Psych-Ops

I have written before that "religion is a means of manipulation/"
It also could be viewed as a form of "psych-ops". When conquistadores attacked the Incas, the native people thought they were wrathful Gods from their mythology. This hindered an effective resistance.
It wouldn’t be so hard to imagine aliens, having gained knowledge of our religious prophecies through Television broadcasts, might also use our very beliefs against us.
Imagine aliens using their technology to fake many of the events of the book of revelations(ie-the rapture, angelic messengers, plagues, locusts, etc.)
And in the emerging chaos, launch a full scale invasion.
I wonder how many supposedly "rational" people in our modern society would behave just as the Incas did when Conquistadores attacked. We are all the same animal, after all.

scary cults..

The scary thing about scientology and the Unification Church is the way they use front groups to try to influence public opinion and try to win over converts. Which is all the more chilling because both "religions" are apposed to transparency and personal freedom

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Muslims must solve thier own problems

The US didn’t create the problems in the Muslim world. But, by the same token, the US can’t do much to solve those problems.
The rise of terrorism in the Muslim community is primarily the result of poor leadership and failed policies of Arab regimens.
True, the invasion of Iraq might breed a few more terrorists, but, the invasion and occupation of that country would have been less likely if the attacks of 9/11 had never happened.
Similarly, if the Taliban hadent been harboring Al Queda, its doubtful if the US would have invaded.
In short, "blowback" goes the other way too.
If people in Muslim countries want less interference from the US, then they need to clean up their own act.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Government considers Pot more dangerous then Meth

Meth is the most destructive drug in history. So, why is the government focusing so much attention on Pot? Andrew Sullivan would like to know:

For some unaccountable reason, the vast majority of resources in the "drug war" have recently been focused on the least harmful herb, marijuana, even while the meth epidemic continues to explode - across poor communities in the heartland and urban enclaves on the coasts. Crystal meth is light-years more destructive, more addictive and more socially corrosive than pot will ever be. Here's the reality:
The problem is seen as particularly bad in the Southwest, where 76 percent of counties surveyed said methamphetamine was their largest drug problem; in the Pacific Northwest, where 75 percent of those surveyed said it was; and in the Upper Midwest, where 67 percent of county officials declared methamphetamine their worst drug problem. Seventy percent of counties reported increases in robberies and burglaries because of methamphetamine; 62 percent reported increases in domestic violence; 53 percent reported an increase in assaults; and 27 reported an increase in identity theft. Half the counties surveyed said one in five inmates were in jail because of methamphetamine crimes. Many counties reported that half their jail populations were incarcerated because of methamphetamine.
This actually is a crisis. So why the misplaced emphasis on marijuana? Even opponents of the drug war, like yours truly, would make an exception for the instantly addictive, body-destroying, mind-frying chemical cocktail called meth. Why not drop the war on largely harmless pot and fight the real menace?"

What has the government been smoking?