Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Dutch Paradox

Nice post about the Netherlands:

I don't think the Dutch have many gay-bashing preachers who see male prostitutes and buy meth. Or many priests who preach against birth control and premarital sex only to molest alter boys.
It should also be noted that the Netherlands also have one of the lowest levels of church attendance. And look at the lower rates of STDs, Teen, Pregnancy, and most shocking to the Theocrates, lower rates of abortion too. A real "goddless" nation, huh?
The Netherlands is a huge embarrassment to social conservatives everywhere.
In my home state of Ohio, the man who wrote the draconian anti-gay marriage initiative has been divorced three times and has admitted to a porn addiction.
When of the most religious parts of the world is the Middle East, where people have been blowing their brains out for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Gotta love that "old time" religion, right?


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