Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thoughts On God And The Bible

God is the ultimate "tabula rosa". He is a blank canvas on which the believer can paint anything he or she wishes. Because most beliefs about God cannot be disproved. (Barring historical and scientific facts verified through evidence.)
There are countless opinions and writings about the nature of God. People point to the Bible. The Bible was written my many people and edited by committee. Is it the "word of God" or simply the whim of its individual writers and the people who edited it?
The Bible has many different versions, some which exclude certain texts. To complicate things more , the bible has been interpreted into hundreds of different languages. Most translation of any book arn’t literal. The interpreted often takes liberties with text in order to make it more readable. So, the bible read by someone in India might not really be the same bible read in the US. So, are some versions of the bible more "Godly" then others? And who decides this?


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