Wednesday, January 24, 2007

What Have Pro-Lifers Really Done To Really Reduce Abortions?

Women have abortions because of unplanned pregnancy and/or they can't afford them. What have most of the pro-lifers done (other than promoting abstinence) to lesson the need for abortion? Many pro-lifers are against real sex education, against birth control and belittle the effectiveness of condoms. And many of these pro-lifers don't seem too worked up over cuts in government programs for needy children.
Their "anti-abortion" crusade is surprisingly oxymoronic. Instead of focusing on outlawing abortion, they should do more to take care of babies AFTER they are born. Being "pro-life" should extend after a person is out of the womb.
And take a look at Europe, which has lower infant mortality and lower teen pregnancy. This makes all the heavy handed preaching from far right ring quite empty.


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