Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The BIggest (and most unfair) Smear Against Liberals

One of the biggest smears the right has unleashed is to call liberals "moral relativists" or that the "are trying to undermine morality" Really? Is being against war and injustice a sign of immorality? Is it really "moral relativism" to be for tolerance, equality and non-violence? To accuse liberals of immorality is the right’s way of not dealing with the the issues the left is brings up.
Most human beings, be they liberals or conservatives have at least a semblance of morality. There are indeed some people who have no sense of right and wrong. They are called "socialpaths" or more scientifically speaking, they have "antisocial personality disorder." These are people who have no empathy for other people and no remorse at all for their actions. Such a person is hardly "liberal" in their nature. In fact, the most common complaint is of liberals having too much empathy and thus being "bleeding hearts".
In the late sixties and early seventies, there was indeed a faction of the left which had an "anything goes" mentality. But, this faction has become pretty much been marginalized by mainstream liberalism.
This is not to say liberals are perfect. The NEA, for instance, has made it virtually impossible to fire any teacher, even, in some cases, they have committed a crime. And, they seem to be more concerned with the welfare of teachers than the students.
But, to accuse them of "promoting immorality" to children is completely without basis.
The two biggest factors in the psychological makeup of a child is the family, the church they attend and the peer group he or she is associated with. The curriculum and policy of the schools the least significant influence.
This is the big fallacy of "abstinence only" and anti-drug programs. There are complex and ubigutous social forces in this society which can’t be blunted by a one hour a day(at the most) program in the schools. Because neither program has the capacity to really change long term values. Similarly, it is implausible that teaching comprehensive sex education, with information about condom and birth control is going to undermine the values of students.


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