Wednesday, February 07, 2007

GOP puts Corporate Interests Above Security

More on the GOP’s commitment to keeping this country safe:

Who's aiding and abetting terrorists again? Will the dems in Congress do anything to stop this guy?
Are people like this really interested in protecting America or in the Almighty buck?

Right's Hatred Speaks For Itself

I think the right has paid a price for associating itself with far-right hatred: it make liberals seem more reasonable by comparison. The Democrats have become the voice of reason and moderation in the minds of many Americans.
If the GOP wants to embrace such extremists, let them. It will only hurt them in the long run.

Conservatives Don't Know "Jack" Or "Battlestar Galactica" for that Matter

Many conservatives have praised the new "Battlestar Galactica." But like "24" it not a really a partisan show. Both "24" and "Battlestar" has villains and heros on both the right and the left. In fact, what both shows have in common is their moral greyness, which is the antitheses of the right's world view. And they both happen to be my favorite shows.

Are Conservatives Funny?

The only genuinely funny conservative I know of is PJ O Rourke. Dennis Miller could occasionally be funny when he had is own show on CNBC, but he was canned.
But, it nothing compared to Cobert & Stewart,,

Besides, C & S do make fun of liberals, too, sometimes. (David Cross sometimes appears on Cobert as a stereotypical liberal)
Most of the humor from the right tends to be unintentional.


It should be noted that several other Right wingers besides Rush have called liberals "cockroaches." Haven’t these idiots seen "hotel Rwanda." Or did they see it and get some ideas?

Will Bush Bomb Iran?

I don't think Bush will really bomb Iran. Even he must realize his presidency is hanging by a thread. (what's his popularity, minus 5 or something?) Unless Cheney stages a Coup d'état and declares himself "president for life", (fortunately, with his weak heart, that won't be too long)

The Dutch Paradox

Nice post about the Netherlands:

I don't think the Dutch have many gay-bashing preachers who see male prostitutes and buy meth. Or many priests who preach against birth control and premarital sex only to molest alter boys.
It should also be noted that the Netherlands also have one of the lowest levels of church attendance. And look at the lower rates of STDs, Teen, Pregnancy, and most shocking to the Theocrates, lower rates of abortion too. A real "goddless" nation, huh?
The Netherlands is a huge embarrassment to social conservatives everywhere.
In my home state of Ohio, the man who wrote the draconian anti-gay marriage initiative has been divorced three times and has admitted to a porn addiction.
When of the most religious parts of the world is the Middle East, where people have been blowing their brains out for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Gotta love that "old time" religion, right?

Monday, February 05, 2007

Creationists Devolving

It should be noted that the evidence of evolution is increasing. This is something that creationists ignore. In fact, creationists have been in retreat for the last century. The scopes trial was about allowing schools to teach evolution. Now, just getting equal time for creationis and Intelligent Design has proved a near impossible goal in most industrialized nations. In the global scientific community, creationists can't even get their foot in the door.

Plenty Of Room For Blame in Iraq

There was indeed potential for civil war long before the US invasion. But, the US made it worse by disbanding the Iraqi army and firing many of Saddam's bureaucrats.

Not My Father's GOP

My father was a rational, libertarian "old school" Republican. Fiscally conservative but tolerant and pro-science. My sister had an openly gay male friend which she brought over to my house sometime. And he had no problem with him at all.
He loved jazz, even watched MTV with me and my sister. He went to church but was hardly a jealet.
Most conservatives like him have either become members of the Libertarian party, registered independent or blue dog democrats like Jim Webb of Virginia or Casey of Pennsylvania.In his dying days, Barry Goldwater lamented on the Christian Right takeover of the GOP.
They certainly don't make Republicans like they used too!

Thoughts On Islam And Personal Freedom

I don't think the problem is with Islam as a whole. I think the problem is that th fundamentalists in Modern Islam simply more power and influence than in other religions. Over seven hundred years ago, Christianity also was dominated by intolerant and violent fundamentalists who weren’t much better than present day Jihadists. They didn’t call it the "dark ages" for nothing.
This being said, there is no justification for being hypersensitive to Muslim sensibilities. Freedom of speech and personal autonomy are non-negotiable, period.