Sunday, December 31, 2006

Best Mac Commerical Spoof

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Undermining Muslim Hearts And Minds

There have been many right wing Christians who have attacked Islam.
All that this does is enforce the perception in the Arab world that The US is out to destroy Muslims. And, undermines the war of hearts and minds in the war on terror.
The more Muslims think we are in a modern Christian Crusade, the more we the war on terror is undermined. To denounce Islam is to help Bin Loudin and his ilk. People like Goode are giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
This is not to say the US is somehow soley responsible for the rise of terrorism. However, we must build trust with Muslims if we are to keep our country safe.

"Victory" in the culture war.

I'm sure attacking Postcards from Buster has done much to improve the deplorable situation in inner city schools, improve skills in math and science and stop high divorce rates. Mission Accomplished!
But, what about all those cartoon characters who don't wear pants!!!

Mel Gibson's "family values"

Its strange how Mel Gibson has become the symbol of "family values" to the right, yet, his films are laced with so much death, blood and carnage. Yeah, stuff for the whole family, indeed..

Old Time Religion..

It is beyond ironic that the most holy sights in world in the mid-east is the most violent and divided area on Earth. This area turns religion itself into a farce. Gotta love that "old time religion", right? There is a lesson to be learned from this. This illustrates how wallowing in blind tradition and dogma undermines the future itself. Evolution and new beginnings are what free us.
Those societies which are willing to experiment, grow and change almost aways function better than those which don’t.
The right thinks that the "traditional family" is the key to a more moral society. Really? Most of the Nazis came from a traditional family and before World War II Church attendance in Germany was fairly high. And yet they engaged in one the greatest acts of evil in history. Both sides in the Middle East conflict have strong families and faith in God yet they are blowing each other brains out. Iraq is a deeply religious society yet the Sunnies and The Shia’s seem determined to wipe each other out.
And one of the world most secular societies on earth, the Netherlands, has one of the lowest murder rates in the world. Go figure.
It looks like the Christian and Moslems in that country finally have common ground. In their hatred of something people do in their own bedrooms. As if the people Nigeria have nothing better to worry about..

Culture of Life Revisited

There are some right wingers who are trying to belittle the tyranny of Pinochet;
Fighting Left-Wing totalitarian with Right wing totalitarianism. Isn't there a contradiction in there some place?
And I like the way many of these same right-wing supporters claim to support a "culture of life" You just can’t make this stuff up.

A Real Turn-Off

Its looks like we all need to be more careful about what turns us on:

Makes Me Want to Gag..

Bush’s gag rule has had some unintended consequences:
So countries (the rest of the industrialized world) which are "ungodly" in the eyes of many Conservative Christians actually having LESS abortions... And many of these countries also have also *gasp* legalized same sex marriage.
Christianist aren’t really anti-government, they just want the government to work for them. They big lie has been revealed.
A wise writer:

The Decline and Fall of Social Conservatives In America

Social conservatism, as a political movement, is dying. In the last election, some of the greatest losses were by candidates supported by the religious right. America is slowly becoming more socially liberal, and unless the GOP embraces tolerance, they will continue to lose many elections to come.
The younger generation, especially, seems to be more liberal about sexual matters, stem cell research, etc.
While there might be some conservatism in this country on national defense and law enforcement, most people don’t like the government to tell them what than can and can’t do with their own bodies.
The right is more out of touch of the American mainstream on moral issues more than ever.
There are indeed a small cadre of leftist who hate America. But, at least they don't try to pass themselves off as "patriots" like America-bashers on the right do.

Another Late Post

It looks like Chavez (surprise) has won re-election.
Yet another "liberator" who really only wants power. Some of the blame for his popularity is the fact that few politicians were trying to help the poor.

Short Review

The movie "The Cooler" was very good character study. It was like a modern day fable.

Another Victim of Post 9/11 Hysteria

Orson Scott Card is the latest victim of post 9/11 hysteria:
Like Dennis Miller, Card is a brilliant man scared by 9/11 into going farther to the right. The irony is he, like many on the right, seems to agree with the Islamic fundamentalists that we are "decadent". They are, in fact, blaming America first, as well as giving comfort and justification to our enemies. And then the say how "patriotic" they are.. This is beyond self-parody!

Friday, December 01, 2006

GOP Has Gone South (literally)

The Only States which The GOP managed to hold onto were in the deep south.
They Should Call Themselves the "Dixie Theocratic Party" Or DTP. (Sounds like the name of an insecticide)
And we should all yell "Y'all Don't come back now, Ya'hear"