Friday, July 14, 2006

GOP Pandering

The Republican led Congress recently passed a bunch of meaningless resolutions and introduced pointless bills they knew would never pass. This is of course, nothing more than throwing red meat to the right wing base.
I think next they'll have the "anti apple pie desecration act."(which would probably ban the movie "American Pie") Or perhaps they'll have a resolution which states "we think puppies and kittens are cute" Then they'll accuse Democrats of being Anti-apple pie and anti-cute pets.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Not the Party of Goldwater And Reagan

If Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan were alive today, they would would look on today's GOP with disappointment and disgust.
Agree with them or not, both Goldwater and Reagan had a libertarian vision of conservatives. They wanted less government(with the exception of the military) and meant it.
Most self-described "conservatives" these days are followers of McCarthy and Jerry Falwell, not Goldwater and Reagan.
Take a close look at leading right wing pundits such as Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter and Jonah Goldberg. They are authoritarian in their worldview, not conservative.
And the fact that Coulter is a bestselling author and O’Reilly should give us all pause.

Monday, July 10, 2006

"Flight 93" Movie

"Flight 93" was an excellent portrayal of 9/11. It was compelling and showed the human realities behind a major tragedy.

Thoughts On Freedom

Freedom, is best found through self-understanding. If you don’t know yourselves or your true desires, how can you truly be free? When you have freedom within, its harder for others to mentally enslave you. Freedom is also based on knowledge and strength, not denial and dependancy. This is Liberty is the most fundamental sense of the word. The moment you bow your head in the name of "salvation" freedom is stifled. Submission and unquestioning loyalty is the antithesis of freedom.

Demographics May Doom Isreal

In the Arab-Israeli conflict, demographic trends favor the Arabs. Jewelry, on the whole, is slowly shrinking. Within a few centuries, there may not be any Jews left. And without Jews, there can be no Israel. Its as simple as that. Whether Israel makes peace with its neighbors or cracks down on extremists, it is doomed in the long run.
In short, Israel is damned if it does or damned if it doesn’t.
But, arabs should may not want to celebrate the demise of the Jewish state. Because a convenient scapegoat would be eliminated. And the Arab people will have to face up to their utter failure to keep pace with the modern world.
There are few things more idiotic than the belief that God owes a certain group of people a certain piece of land. The end result of this can clearly be seen on the long standing conflict in the Middle East.

An Apple Is An Apple

Whenever there’s a conflict, people tend to assume that one side or another is the "good guy." This is niave. In most conflicts, it could be argued that both sides are the "bad guys". In most wars, both sides tend to be guilty of their share of atrocities.
In a few cases, such as the American Civil War or WWII one side is indeed morally supior to another. But, this is the exception, not the rule.
In the Vietnam war, the US would firebomb entire villages to eliminate a handful of VC soldiers. But, the VC would tie grenades to the hands of children to blow up US soldiers.
The militant, war mongering factions on both sides of a conflict may be more allies to each other than"enemies". After all, the militant faction of on one side needs the fear of extremism on the other side to justify its actions.
Where would Hamas be without Isreali incursions? And where would the Lakud party be without suicide bombing?
The only conceivable "good guys" in such conflicts are those moderate elements on both side who are willing to find compromise and understanding with the other side.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Left Wing Media?

Not so long ago, Colorado professor Ward Churchill denounced the victims of 9/11 as "little Eichmanns". For such outrageous remarks he was rightfully fired.
Yet, compare this to the statements made by Ann Coulter
and the recent writings of Malkin, ect. They are no less offensive, yet they are everywhere in the media and are best selling authors. So much for left wing media!