Monday, July 10, 2006

An Apple Is An Apple

Whenever there’s a conflict, people tend to assume that one side or another is the "good guy." This is niave. In most conflicts, it could be argued that both sides are the "bad guys". In most wars, both sides tend to be guilty of their share of atrocities.
In a few cases, such as the American Civil War or WWII one side is indeed morally supior to another. But, this is the exception, not the rule.
In the Vietnam war, the US would firebomb entire villages to eliminate a handful of VC soldiers. But, the VC would tie grenades to the hands of children to blow up US soldiers.
The militant, war mongering factions on both sides of a conflict may be more allies to each other than"enemies". After all, the militant faction of on one side needs the fear of extremism on the other side to justify its actions.
Where would Hamas be without Isreali incursions? And where would the Lakud party be without suicide bombing?
The only conceivable "good guys" in such conflicts are those moderate elements on both side who are willing to find compromise and understanding with the other side.


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