Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Freedom From Freedom

One thing that strikes me about Christianist Right-Wingers Is that they seem to disagree most strongly with Court decisions(except those which undermine gun control) which give people more personal freedom and more rights.
Think about what they are incensed about: Equality for gays, greater privacy, the right to view material , "naughty words" on TV, And the state not being able to execute 14 years olds. Some leaders on the right think that states should have to ban birth control outright.
So, the religious right wants be free from the very judicial decisions which grant individuals more personal freedom and rights.
In essense, their argument seems to be that the right of the states are greater than the rights of the individual.
Then they have the audacity to say they are fighting for "freedom". It’s not just moronic, but oxymoronic.
The whole point of having and independent judiciary is to have constitutional judgments free from politics and popular passions of the moment. And that’s exactly what the Founding Fathers envisioned.


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