Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Moral Decline?

There are many popular perceptions which arn’t supported by evidence. Take, for instance, the common belief in "moral decline"and the idea that our society has less regard for human life than it used too. But, history and currant statistics show much to the contrary.
Despite the increasing availability of porn, the high divorce rate, violent video games and exposure to increasly vulgar media, many statistics show a general reduction in teen pregnancy, abortion, illicit drug use and violent crime have all gone down.
Of course, if one lives a bad neighborhood this may be hard to believe. But, in society as a whole, things seem to have improved a little.
And peoples morality in the past wasn’t that much better, either. In the 1800's, many states in the US had an age of consent as low as 12. There was no safety net, for the poor, other than occasional charity.


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