Wednesday, April 26, 2006

God Has No "Side"

One of the most ridiculous ideas in many religions is the idea that God has a "side". If God is truly omniscient then he would ultimately is on no "side" to speak of. God has no political agenda, no ideology and no favoritism towards any group of people.
For any select group to call themselves "the chosen", is the highth of arrogance. And, to do so implies that God is less than universal.
A truly just and all incompasing God is for everyone.
In essence, there is a transcendent view of God and the tribal concept of God. And it is the tribal view of God which lead to such things as the attacks of 9/11, the prosecution of people of other faiths and all sorts of horrors done "in the name of God".
But, to do so makes God something less than infininate. God can only be found through opening the mind, not closing it.
No human being can comprehend the will of God, any more than an ant can comprehend quantum physics.
Equally absurd it the idea that words in some ancient scripture is the " word of God." Who said? What God truly is, no words can describe.
One does not need a bible or a church to find God. God is already everywhere.


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