Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Religion And Morality Not Aways The Same Thing

Religion and morality have less in common with each other than many people think. A person can be deeply religious and still be immoral. A person can be very secular and still have a strong sense of right and wrong.
Osama Bin Louden, Jim Jones other religious leaders all were people with a strong beliefs. And they all did things which are profoundly horrific.
Jim Abramoth is jew who strictly observed all the rituals and taboos of his faith, yet bulked an Indian tribe out of millions and denounced them as "tribulites".
In fact, many of the rules, taboos and rituals of many religions are arbitrary and do little to foster any true sense of "morality".
Wearing special clothing, avoiding certain foods and going to church every Sunday do not nessisrily foster any real sense of morality.
What really matters is what’s in a persons heart.
Acting out of fear of punishment and the desire for reward is not morality, but coercion.
And reward and punishment don’t really foster any genuine sense of morality. Once the coercion is removed, however, there is little to stop a person from engaging in immoral behavior.
Many religious people get so caught up in dogma, tradition and their political agenda that morality itself is thrown overboard.
A genuine moral sense is based on compassion, selflessness, discipline and humility. And what other bases would a just and all knowing God judge us on?


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