Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Time For An Upgrade

Humanity can not call itself the "pinnacle of creation." In fact, there is little indication the human species was deliberately planned or created. The design flaws are just too pronounced.
This is not to rule out a creator who may have "seeded" life on this world, but the idea of a God who puts us individually on the planet is quite absurd and implausible.
Would a benevolent creator really put someone in this world if he knew he would be molested, abused are starve to death. Where is the sense in that?
Most human beings, in fact, seem like they were built by the lowest bidder. Take for instance, the human skull. The "higher"(the parts responsible for judgment and intellect) areas of the brain lie near skull. And these vital areas are protected by one of the thinnest skulls in nature.
Our bones our rather fragile and brittle and when the break they can takes months to heal. Why not make our bones out of a less breakable material with the ability to heal much faster?
Its clearly time for an upgrade.


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