Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Equality of nations?

Not all nations are equal. Some are more prosperous, some are more stable, some are roughish and some are failed states. Some are democracies, some are tolerant and pluralistic. Many other are not.
Therefore, too treat all the nations of the world as "equals" is unrealistic.
Some countries are just more trustworthy than others, and we should stop pretending otherwise.
This contrast between nations is most pronounced in the conflict between India and Pakistan. India is a vibrant, pluralistic democracy which has one of the fastest growing economies on earth. And they have not at all proliferated nuclear technology.
Pakistan, in contrast, is a military dictatorship which helped create and support the Taliban, has ingrained corruption, an unstable political situation, and has engaged in the proliferation of nuclear weapons technology.
By supporting Pakistan, the US is playing a dangerous game. Outsourcing to India is one thing. Outsourcing the war on terror to Pakistan is quite another.
Indeed, our "friendship" with Pakistan has only inhibited the ability of the US military to take out numerous terrorist strongholds in the country’s eastern provinces. If we were able to go into this area, we probably would have either captured or killed Bin Loudin by now.
And, despite our support for Pakistan, there is little accountability. How do we know some elements of the Pakistani military haven’t helped many terrorists get away?
This "friendship" is becoming more trouble than its worth.


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