Monday, March 20, 2006

At Least They're Honest..

One thing that can be said about Muslim extremists is that at least they get their true feelings out in the open. They make absolutily no bones about how they feel, They hate gays, they hate the Western traditions of tolerance, science and separation of church and state. And they believe infidels should die and be damned for eternity. Honesty, as they say, is indeed the best policy.
This a contrast to the Religious Right in America, which has tried downplay their true agenda. They have, in fact, tried to dequise much of their ideology and biases as "scientific fact".
This is the tact creationists are using in promoting "intelligent design".
But, this tactic is also being used for arguing against gay adoption and for abstinence only programs. What is based on prejudice and blind faith is being based off as "promoting the common good."
In all the above cases, the rights arguments for their issues have been supported by "evidence" provided by think tanks they themselves have funded. This is simply an attempt to "cook the books". That is to use data to support a preconceived idea. None of the reports and studies they offer have been peer reviewed, much less taken very seriously by real scientists and researchers.
Of course, this attempt at respectibility has often failed, and has made the religious right into a laughing stock in the process. (One only has to look to the Dover decision is evidence of that.)
But, ultimately, the religious right’s agenda is "hidden in plain sight."
The "morning after" pill does not technically cause abortion. It simply prevents a fertilized egg from becoming implanted in a woman’s womb. In fact. many commonly used forms of birth control use the exact same method.
So, if pro-lifers want to be logically consistent, they would have to ban most forms of birth control too. I would love to see them try.
Lets see them try to outlaw most birth control methods and see how the women across the country vote virtually all socially conservative politicians out of office.
It ironic that the Religious Right denounces "political correctness" and "postmodernism" yet, has taken some elements of both to farther its own agenda.
One of the most PC concepts the right has come up with is "intelligent design". (A politically correct term if ever there was one)
This is ultimately what proponents of ID argue, that the "evolutionists" are stifling other points of view other than their own, and that students should be free to define "science" as what ever they what to believe. This, is of course, a profoundly unscientific argument.
One of the more surprising arguments for intelligent design seems to be based on postmodern logic. Postmodernism, in the most literal sense, assumes there is no objective truth and that we each must choose our own reality.
The whole point of the scientific process is to get to some objective, verifiable truth through theories based on tangible evidence.
They aren’t trying to expand the scientific debate, they are trying to redefine science itself.
Another example of the religious right’s PC undercurrents is the controversy over a physician’s right to refuse handing out birth control.
What if a vegetarian refused to serve meat at a restaurant? or, what if a nudist wanted to go to work naked? The Sikhs(followers of a monotheistic branch of Hinduism) believe in carrying small daggers as required by their religion. In the post 9/11 world, should they be allowed to carry daggers on to airplanes?
But, the supporters for fundamentalist pharmacists don’t seem very interested in giving such people favored status. They want "special rights" (the very thing they have long denounced in regard to gays) for hardline Christians only.


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