Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Fix Is In

Incompetent government in this country is a self-fulfilling prophesy Bush stacked the many government agencies with incompetent cronies. Now, many on the right are using the Katrina debacle as an example of government incompetence! Well, its only because they and Bush made it that way.
One of the notable things about Fundamentalism is that tends to arise whenever things are the most disordered or dysfunctional. Poverty, uncertainty, insecurity and ignorance are the medium Fundamentalism and fanaticism live on.
So, its not surprising that much of the religious right is against the welfare state and public education. They have a stake in poverty, ignorance and despair.
In fact, more government money is being spent on "faith based" organizations (most of the Christian Evenganical) and less is being spent on their secular counterparts.
Funds for comprehensive sex education are being cut, while funding for "abstinence only" programs have been increased.


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