Sunday, January 22, 2006

Drug Free Kids?

Whenever I see a sign for "drug free kids" I have to chuckle a little. I wonder how many of these "drug free" kids are on prozac or ritalin? So, we are telling are youth that drugs are "bad" yet, we are increasingly use drugs to solve all of our problems. This is the ultimate mixed message.
Very few drugs are inherently "good" or "bad". The laws of this country seem to neglect this fact. The issue is often not the drug itself, but rather the dose and frequency of its use.
The native population of the Andes has been using coca leaves and coca tea for centuries with little ill effect. Why? Because the cocaine in the leaves they consume is unrefined and therefore, a much lower does than what you would find on the street.
If our drug policy were truly realistic, we would legalize coca tea but still make powdered cocaine and crack illegal. Of course, some people might take the legal coca leaves and refine themselves. So the government would have to closely regulate the amount individuals can posses.
As the bible says: "all things in moderation."


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