Sunday, December 18, 2005

Unholy Belief

Many religious people talk about "morality". Yet, many of the tenets about religion could themselves, be viewed as immoral.
There is nothing the least bit moral about eternal damnation,(especially for engaging in actions which hurt no one) or in smiting non-believers or in "holy wars".
How could a merciful god allow eternal damnation exist? Worse yet is that such a fate is deserving of someone just because they follow the "wrong" faith, or are non-believer or because they were gay or had sex without marriage?
Oh, yes, there is salvation, but only if you submit and give up personal autonomy. A choice between heaven and hell is tantamount to no choice at all. This is the most extreme form of blackmail imagination the guise of "glory" and "faith".
In the end, this isn’t truly "morality", but reward and punishment taken to its most hideous extremes.


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