Friday, November 11, 2005

The Right and Cervical Cancer

Its hard to believe that some Christian Conservatives reject the new anti-cervical cancer vaccine because it might send the "wrong message".
They believe that the ONLY option in stopping cervical cancer and other sexually transmitted deceases is abstinence until marriage, But, what if a girl is rapped? Or molested by a relative? Or what if a girl gets married to a man who has been exposed to the virus which causes cervical cancer?
The right’s simplistic, black and white world view doesn’t take such real world situations into account. There is simply no way of guaranteeing abstinence.
Some Moslem fundamentalists execute girls who are no longer sexually "pure". The fundamentalists in the US would let our women die of cervical cancer, in the name of preserving sexual "purity".
This isn’t really about preventing sex diseases or teen pregnancy. It’s about using fear and guilt to control people.


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