Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mother Teresa May Not Have Been So Saintly

There is the argument that Mother Teresa didn’t really want to lift people out of poverty. And, as a fundamentalist, it seems, she didn’t really do much to empower women, either. On top of this, her mission in Calcutta has been accused of neglecting the needy and has provided poor medical care regardless of how much money the mission had received.
Christifer Hitchens argues that "Mother Teresa loved poverty more than she loved the poor." And indeed, her philosophy was that poverty was the key to finding God. In essence, she had little motivation to make anyone else less poor. If she took a vow of poverty, then anyone else in her care had to as well.
All to often, the mask of righteousness hides darker motivations. Was Mother Teresa really such a good person? Or was she really a masochists and control freak? Or was she all of the above? Sometimes the line between good and evil isn’t aways so clear.
Apparently, she didn’t bring people up as much as keep them down. Mother Teresa was more concerned with subjugation than liberation.
In short, she doesn’t really deserve sainthood, nor the blind adulation she still receives in much of the media.
People who are mentally secure and are better educated, they tend, in most cases, to become more skeptical, less religious and more likely to question authority. And people who are paternalistic in their thinking really hate this fact.


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