Friday, August 05, 2005

What's more debasing?

One of the arguments against prostitution is that it debases women. But, isn’t it also debasing for a woman to work in a sweatshop seven days a week for less than a few dollars a day?
Isn’t also debasing for a woman to have ten kids? (Especially if its against her will)
Some might say that for a woman spending her whole life in a convent and taking vow of poverty is debasing.
Of course, woman and girls being forced into prostitution is both enslaving and debasing. But, what about a fully adult woman who does so voluntarily? Is it possible that some woman might be perfectly happy as a prostitute?
In many (not all) countries and state where prostitution is legal, it can be regulated. Thus, prostitutes are more likely to practice safe sex.
Many people might find the prospect of legalized prostitution as disturbing. Yet, "de-facto" prostitution is actually quite common.
If a woman is having sex with a man just for nice clothes and other gifts, aren’t they essentially a prostitute? Or, what woman who marries a man just because of his power and wealth? Why arn’t they being arrested?
In the end, they are whoring themselves just as much as the average streetwalker!
This is not to condone prostitution in moral terms. But, in one form or another, prostitution is more common than people realize.


At 2:18 PM, Blogger jay shail said...

i like to be debased


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