Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Government considers Pot more dangerous then Meth

Meth is the most destructive drug in history. So, why is the government focusing so much attention on Pot? Andrew Sullivan would like to know:

For some unaccountable reason, the vast majority of resources in the "drug war" have recently been focused on the least harmful herb, marijuana, even while the meth epidemic continues to explode - across poor communities in the heartland and urban enclaves on the coasts. Crystal meth is light-years more destructive, more addictive and more socially corrosive than pot will ever be. Here's the reality:
The problem is seen as particularly bad in the Southwest, where 76 percent of counties surveyed said methamphetamine was their largest drug problem; in the Pacific Northwest, where 75 percent of those surveyed said it was; and in the Upper Midwest, where 67 percent of county officials declared methamphetamine their worst drug problem. Seventy percent of counties reported increases in robberies and burglaries because of methamphetamine; 62 percent reported increases in domestic violence; 53 percent reported an increase in assaults; and 27 reported an increase in identity theft. Half the counties surveyed said one in five inmates were in jail because of methamphetamine crimes. Many counties reported that half their jail populations were incarcerated because of methamphetamine.
This actually is a crisis. So why the misplaced emphasis on marijuana? Even opponents of the drug war, like yours truly, would make an exception for the instantly addictive, body-destroying, mind-frying chemical cocktail called meth. Why not drop the war on largely harmless pot and fight the real menace?"

What has the government been smoking?


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