Monday, June 27, 2005

Man & Chimp

One thing that people who are highly religious or highly immoral is that they are both dominated by powerful and primitive emotions.
They are both essentially "primitive" in their outlook. The inability to properly understand and regulate one’s emotions it what leads to these extremes.
Self-understanding, wisdom and the intellect are the only things which really separate man from the Chimp. Strip these away and there really isn’t that much of a differance.
Chimp societies actually strongly resemble human societies. Loyalty, shifting alliances, sex, jealously, betrayal and xenophobia exists in equal measure in both species.
Its ironic how Fundamentalists vehemtly deny man’s connection to the animal world, yet attack science and reason. Which are, of course, all which really separates man from animals.
Its just as ironic that many Fundamentalists send missionaries to enlighten "Primitive" jungle tribes. Yet, at most fundamentalist services you often see preachers screaming at the top of their lungs and people gyrating in almost orgasmic and pagan ecstasy. They are, in essence, not so far removed from the "primitives" they are trying to "save".


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