Friday, July 22, 2005

Divine Psych-Ops

I have written before that "religion is a means of manipulation/"
It also could be viewed as a form of "psych-ops". When conquistadores attacked the Incas, the native people thought they were wrathful Gods from their mythology. This hindered an effective resistance.
It wouldn’t be so hard to imagine aliens, having gained knowledge of our religious prophecies through Television broadcasts, might also use our very beliefs against us.
Imagine aliens using their technology to fake many of the events of the book of revelations(ie-the rapture, angelic messengers, plagues, locusts, etc.)
And in the emerging chaos, launch a full scale invasion.
I wonder how many supposedly "rational" people in our modern society would behave just as the Incas did when Conquistadores attacked. We are all the same animal, after all.


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