Friday, July 29, 2005

A Deep Question

A deeper philosophical question is: is inequality inevitable? Could the decades of the 40's through the Early 70's, when the poor were well taken care of and labor had tremendous power an anomaly in human history. In short, was Nietzsche right?
For me, it’s a case of the head versus the heart. My head is with logic, reason and survival of the fittest, but my heart worries about those "left in the dust" of progress and prosperity.
There is much truth in Nietzsche’s general perception of things. But, the moral implications are disturbing...
Yet, in nature, there is little if any sign of the exsistance of justice or morality, or equality. Yet, belief is such things are what define us as human. Is there a future for such human qualities or are will they die with us.
Or perhaps we can find a middle road between "winner take all" and human compassion.


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