Friday, July 29, 2005

The Real "traiters"

Some on the right accuse liberals of being "traitors", But, what about the traitorous actions of many US corporations?
Recently, Yahoo agreed to help China censor the web. In the name of profits, they are actively working with a police state to undermine a fundamental human right. Why havn’t the politician in Washington taken any action?
Wal Mart tries to betray itself as an "all American" company, yet they has been the leader in outsourcing American jobs to China. They have also had numerous instances of hiring illegal immigrants and undermining the rights of workers.
John Kerry correctly characterized companies which move their corporate charter over seas as "Benidict Arnold corporations." And what other name should we give to companies who want all the benefits of the US government without pay taxes?
While the politicians argue over esotaric issues such as abortion and homosexuality(and how many angels can dance on a the head of a pin) the republic is slowly being undermined by corporations who put quick profits above of what’s good for America.
Indeed, the "culture war" is nothing more than a side show, while issues of great consequence are quietly brushed under the table.


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