Monday, October 17, 2005

The Illusion of Race..

It should be noted that the genetic differances between the "races" of man are trivial. In my Anthropology class the other day, we were talking about how the American definition of "race" is not universal.
In Brazil, for instance they have over fifty distinct classifications of race! In Brazilian society, people’s "race" is judged on how one looks individually, not on "blood" like we still often do in the US.
And what about "Latinos"? They are after all, of European stock. Yet they are not classified as "white."
Among the "races", in fact, there is tremendous genetic diversity within the each group. Look at any crowd. People In each "race" have a wide variety of diversity in terms of hair color, facial features, and body types.
This makes the idea that one "race" is more intelligent than another all the more ludicrous. Jefferson M. Fish, in the article "Mixed Blood" Decries this idea:
"When examining the origins of IQ scores (or other behaviors) psychologists use the term "heritability"-a statistical concept not based on observations of genes or chromosomes."


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