Sunday, January 22, 2006

Brothers In Arms

Its ironic that there should be a conflict between fundamentalist Christianity and fundamentalist Islam. After all, they are very much "brothers in arms." They are both homophobic, patriarchal, anti-science, and would love nothing better than to see non-believers burn. The only differences is that for the Islamists, they will send a Jihad to burn aposolites, In the case of the "Christionists" it is Jesus himself who will return and engage in mass carnage. (As described in last book of the "Left Behind" series.)
In both cases, however, is the almost gleeful embrace of "cleansing the world with fire." As the left of the sixties liked to say "burn baby burn!"
It should be noted that some of histories greatest tyrants were trying to create a "perfect order." The truth is, no utopia can be created without using totalitarian methods. Because no "perfect order" can be achieved if people are free to make up their own minds or do what they wish.
In essence, utopianism and personal freedom are incompatable. And too many people cant get this fact through their thick skull. Human nature is simply too complex and contradictory to be brought under the heel of some "perfect order." And anyone who thinks otherwise simply doesn’t understand the way humans really are.
The universe too doesn’t our best yield so redialy to such fantasies of perfection. It is complex, unpredictable and may not have best interests at heart.
What has made America so successful is its precise balance between utopian ideals and stark realism. The Founding Fathers were indeed some of the best thinkers the world has ever produced.


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