Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ohio GOP thinks we're stupid

How stupid does the Ohio GOP think we are? While the state loses jobs and college graduates, they still find time to introduce legislation to go after... gay adoption.
According to the laws being proposed, any adult who is "determined to be homosexual by the courts" won’t be able to adopt. And, it even extends to adults who are "transgendered".
First of all, who decides who is or isn’t homosexual or transgenderd? And by what criteria? Contrary to popular belief, there is no absolute line between "gay" and "straight" There are a surprising number of striaght adult who have least experimented with homosexuality, yet don’t define themselves as "gay".
One of the most common manifestations of this can be found in the nation’s prisons. Many men who define "straight" on the outside have male lovers while on the inside. But, when, they get out, many of these same men go back to a heterosexual lifestyle as if nothing happened.


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