Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Last Straw..

Ironically, Bush was re-elected because people thought he was tough on terror. Now, he wants to give wealthy, Gulf State Arabs control over our ports. (the Gulf States, After all is where the Islamists movement pretty much started)
And, his administration caved in when it came to the protests against those cartoons.
And, not so long ago Bush held hands with a Saudi Prince. And Sandia Arabia is the most oppressive theocracy on the planet, who citizens continue to fund radical Wahhabi schools around the world.
And the neocon idea of democratizing the Middle of East is blowing up in our faces, with Islamic radicals winning elections by landslides all throughout the area. (Just take a look at the elected leaders of Iran, Palestine, ect)
Bush's tough talk is really starting to ring hollow. America is starting to wake up to the true nature of the "traitor in chief".
Bush has shown which "side" he’s really on. Not human rights and national security, but cheap oil land easy money. He’s selling out our very security to the highest bidder.
This is part of a larger trend, of incompetence, broken promises and rampant corruption and conceit.
This is the last straw. He should be impeached.


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