Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bush's Poetic Justice

There is a certain "poetic justice" to the failed Dubia port deal. Even before 9/11, Bush has had a strong tendency toward unilateralism, undermining virtually all international treaties. After 9/11, Bush has used the threat of terrorism to detract from, or justify, his many questionable policies.
Indeed, every other word out of Bush’s mouth over the last few years has been either "since 9/11" or "because of 9/11".
He has helped create the very atmosphere of xenophobia and hysterical fear which helped kill the deal.
This is not to say there weren’t some legitimate security concerns. The UAE, after all, has helped launder money for terrorists, recognized the Taliban and seems to have a history of lax security and corruption.
But, if Bush had been less secretive and given congress, the CIA and homeland security to more time closely examine the implications ot the deal, there may have been a more rational debate.
But the president says "trust me". Should we, after he dropped the ball on Katrina, took us to war because of non-excitant WMD’s, and a devised a failed post war policy in Iraq?
Bush has exploited the fear of terrorism, has been incompatant at many levels and then made a secrete deal to allow an Middle-Eastern company take control of many of this nation’s vital ports. And then, with apparent oblivion, he wonders what all the fuss is all about.
There is the risk that the issue of foreign control might overshadow how lax port security is to begin with. Over four years after 9/11, only five percent of international cargo shipped into the United States is inspected.
This is in part because the Bush administration has not given port security adequate funding. We are spending a billion dollars a month on a misguided war in Iraq, yet, we can not even inspect most of the cargo which comes into this country.
Bush is not only sanctimonious and out of touch, but very hypocritical as well.


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