Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hedonism And Holiness

The line between hedonism and holiness, vice and virtue, are not as clear or as simple as many people would like to think. Many believers avoid "sinful" behavior because they think they will be rewarded with eternal happiness in the afterlife. But, isn’t that the ultimate self-indulgence?
Also, God is supposed to be morally perfect. But, what about the immorality of damning someone for eternity? Or the immorality of killing millions of innocents.
If a person avoid immoral behavior because they think God is watching them every second, how is that truly "morality"?
It’s not self-discipline or self control, its just reward and punishment. This how the behavior of a lab rat or a dog is controlled.
And the idea of a God who is watching us and judging us every second of everyday is the ultimate totalitarianism.
And, why should such an immensely powerful and vastly superior entity care about what we do anyway? From the perspective of such a great being, human beings might have no more relevance than an insect or a bacterium.
People turn to God or some other savorier for the same reason a child turns to a parent. Its infantile tenancies taken into adulthood. The desire for faith is rooted in weakness, poor self-discipline and neediness. The truly strong don’t need a savior.


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