Monday, July 10, 2006

Demographics May Doom Isreal

In the Arab-Israeli conflict, demographic trends favor the Arabs. Jewelry, on the whole, is slowly shrinking. Within a few centuries, there may not be any Jews left. And without Jews, there can be no Israel. Its as simple as that. Whether Israel makes peace with its neighbors or cracks down on extremists, it is doomed in the long run.
In short, Israel is damned if it does or damned if it doesn’t.
But, arabs should may not want to celebrate the demise of the Jewish state. Because a convenient scapegoat would be eliminated. And the Arab people will have to face up to their utter failure to keep pace with the modern world.
There are few things more idiotic than the belief that God owes a certain group of people a certain piece of land. The end result of this can clearly be seen on the long standing conflict in the Middle East.


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