Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Seperation Of Church State, ALLReligions Pt II

There appears to be a growing trend of special treatment for Moslems:
And At

Separation of church and state must apply equally to ALL religions. Both this and the demands of the Christian right are giving believers "special rights" over non-believers.

Pointless Rules And Laws

Around the world, all sorts of ridiculous laws are on the books to "improving morality." Yet, the strong still take advantage of the weak, there is much war and strife. We all need to re-examine our priorities.
No social improvement is caused by outlawing skinny dipping, banning abortion, vilifying gays and fanaticism.

Losing the War On Terror?

It is questionable if we’re really winning the war on terror.
An Islamist faction recently took over parts of Somalia, on the Pakistani border with Afghanistan, the Taliban is re-taking power, a terror cell in Canada recently came close to committing a major terrorist attack. And, despite killing off Zarkawi, the insurgency in Iraq hasn’t let up.
Of course, things could start turning around. But, for the time being, that has yet to happen.

Politics Of Christian Right Achieves Nothing

Another thing about the Christianity is that their political agenda is actually ineffectual. Outlawing gay marriage will not preserve the nuclear family. Outlawing abortions won’t stop is from happening, abstinence only programs do little to really change beadier, and putting creationism, the ten commandments and prayer in the schools will do nothing to improving the morality of the public.
Despite all the sound and fury, the Christian right’s political agenda, if adapted, would cause very little to improvment to society at all.
And some statistics show that the strongholds of Christian conservatives actually have a higher rate of teen pregnancy, divorce, poverty and violent crime than the rest of the nation. This only makes their agenda wring even more hollow.

Freedom From Freedom

One thing that strikes me about Christianist Right-Wingers Is that they seem to disagree most strongly with Court decisions(except those which undermine gun control) which give people more personal freedom and more rights.
Think about what they are incensed about: Equality for gays, greater privacy, the right to view material , "naughty words" on TV, And the state not being able to execute 14 years olds. Some leaders on the right think that states should have to ban birth control outright.
So, the religious right wants be free from the very judicial decisions which grant individuals more personal freedom and rights.
In essense, their argument seems to be that the right of the states are greater than the rights of the individual.
Then they have the audacity to say they are fighting for "freedom". It’s not just moronic, but oxymoronic.
The whole point of having and independent judiciary is to have constitutional judgments free from politics and popular passions of the moment. And that’s exactly what the Founding Fathers envisioned.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Age Of Truth

We seem to be living in the age in which the truth about everything is slowly coming out. Hypocrites and liars are being revealed at a record pace. Confronting reality and all its potential is the first step to wisdom and growth, both for the individual and soci

Thoughts On Population Growth

Population stresses can act as an "invisible hand" in political conflicts. A high population with low food production can exasperate many conflicts.
Population growth is also nearly absent in the debate over illegal immigration. Certainly, the US has a vested interest in encourage family planning in Mexico.
Most children born are in dire poverty. If they consumed more resources, we would in the West would have more expensive goods. We have been insulated by the full effects of population growth because most people barely consume enough resources to get by.
Now China and India have drastically increased the standard of living and resorce consumption of tens of millions of people. And we are starting to feel the it at the pump. Of course, the US is still the largest per-capita consumer of the Earth’s resources, but for more people to approach our level of consumption is good for the planet.
It is also questionable whether current food production is sustainable. Some environmentalists have suggested we may have a "food bubble" which may soon pop. Many underground aquifers used for irrigation are being drained much faster than they can replenish themselves. Also to consider is the still unknown effects of global warming on crop growth.
And this fact has distorted the debate over population growth. Skeptics argue that food production has kept pace with a growing population, and starvation is caused by political instability. This is mostly true. But, if food were truly distributed equally, would everyone really get enough nutrition for basic health?
And if all the recources were equally distributed, what standard of living would that be? Much lower than the Western world, it could be assumed.
If all 6.5 billion people in the world consumed as many resources as the US did, the ecosystem would be all but ruined.