Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Last Straw..

Ironically, Bush was re-elected because people thought he was tough on terror. Now, he wants to give wealthy, Gulf State Arabs control over our ports. (the Gulf States, After all is where the Islamists movement pretty much started)
And, his administration caved in when it came to the protests against those cartoons.
And, not so long ago Bush held hands with a Saudi Prince. And Sandia Arabia is the most oppressive theocracy on the planet, who citizens continue to fund radical Wahhabi schools around the world.
And the neocon idea of democratizing the Middle of East is blowing up in our faces, with Islamic radicals winning elections by landslides all throughout the area. (Just take a look at the elected leaders of Iran, Palestine, ect)
Bush's tough talk is really starting to ring hollow. America is starting to wake up to the true nature of the "traitor in chief".
Bush has shown which "side" he’s really on. Not human rights and national security, but cheap oil land easy money. He’s selling out our very security to the highest bidder.
This is part of a larger trend, of incompetence, broken promises and rampant corruption and conceit.
This is the last straw. He should be impeached.

Troubled by Gore Saudi Visit

Al Gore recently took some flak (understandably) for denouncing US policy during a visit to Saudi Arabia. This lapse in judgment will only undermine his credibility in the minds of most Americans. (As well as give ammunition to the Right) And he owes it to the American people to apologize for it.
After all, Bin Louden is from the kingdom, as were most of the 9/11 hijackers. And the, Saudis have spent billions of petrodollars promoting is hard line form of Islam.
But, he hasn’t done business from the Saudi Royal family, never held hands with a Saudi Prince and didn’t advocate giving control to of our ports to a members of the United Arab Emirites. Because these are the thing the President Bush has done.
In fact, the Bush clan has been in bed with the Saudis for years. Actions speak louder than words. And on this basis, President Bush is ten times the traitor Gore is.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


People can be very stupid, to think they’re so important. Take the conflict in the Middle East, for instance. Both side seem to think a godforsaken tract of dessert land is their right. But, in the grand scheme of things, the conflict is no more important than two colonies of ants fighting each other. And God, if he exists, might not view it as any more relevant than that.

Ohio GOP thinks we're stupid

How stupid does the Ohio GOP think we are? While the state loses jobs and college graduates, they still find time to introduce legislation to go after... gay adoption.
According to the laws being proposed, any adult who is "determined to be homosexual by the courts" won’t be able to adopt. And, it even extends to adults who are "transgendered".
First of all, who decides who is or isn’t homosexual or transgenderd? And by what criteria? Contrary to popular belief, there is no absolute line between "gay" and "straight" There are a surprising number of striaght adult who have least experimented with homosexuality, yet don’t define themselves as "gay".
One of the most common manifestations of this can be found in the nation’s prisons. Many men who define "straight" on the outside have male lovers while on the inside. But, when, they get out, many of these same men go back to a heterosexual lifestyle as if nothing happened.

Age Of Enlightenment Under Attack

Our modern society is based on "age of enlightenment" values. This means the values of personal liberty, tolerance and the use of science and reason to find the truth.
Now these values are under assault, both within and outside of the West. Most vividly this can be seen in the Arab world, where tolerance, science and freedom are in very short supply.
But, we also see an assault on enlightenment values within, both by the religious right and the P.C. left.
This can be seen in the Right who attack Darwin and gay rights as being "ungodly".
Some on the left reject freedom of speech because it may "offend" someone. And "post modernism" states that there is no objective reality, rendering objective science pointless.
The power of ignorance and narrow-mindedness should not be underestimated. They are the greatest threats to both the pursuit of truth and freedom.

The Right To Offend, And To Be Offended

It was the right for the paper to publish the cartoons and the right of Muslims to peacefully denounce them.
However, its not worth it to set fires to embassies and to use violence in protest. (this extreme reaction is reminiscent of Nazi book burning)
And, its hypocritical I light of the nasty anti-Semitic cartoons found in much of the Arab world.


The Arab world is filled with corruption, fanaticism, inequality of wealth and hypocritical. And the right wing in this country are their fellow travelers.

Faceless Mob

Its easy to attack the "faceless mob". But, we should all remember: you could be part of a mob too.

The Fix Is In

Incompetent government in this country is a self-fulfilling prophesy Bush stacked the many government agencies with incompetent cronies. Now, many on the right are using the Katrina debacle as an example of government incompetence! Well, its only because they and Bush made it that way.
One of the notable things about Fundamentalism is that tends to arise whenever things are the most disordered or dysfunctional. Poverty, uncertainty, insecurity and ignorance are the medium Fundamentalism and fanaticism live on.
So, its not surprising that much of the religious right is against the welfare state and public education. They have a stake in poverty, ignorance and despair.
In fact, more government money is being spent on "faith based" organizations (most of the Christian Evenganical) and less is being spent on their secular counterparts.
Funds for comprehensive sex education are being cut, while funding for "abstinence only" programs have been increased.