Saturday, May 21, 2005

Save worry for the larger things

We need to be selective in our outrage. Wasting time on trivial issues only means less time spent on the more significant issues. There are much more significant issues than gay marriage, political correctness, stem cell research and celebrity gossip. The fate of our society, and the world have nothing to do with such matters.
The truth is seldom found through belief, ideology or preconceived notions. There is more truth is genuine experience, exploration and evidence than in any Church, any Government or Holy book.
For those who depend on contrived doctrine to make sense of the world are denying what there own eyes can see and what their own mind can think. This tendency, at the same time, is equally arrogant and spineless. It’s arrogent because i causes a person to think that they have all the ansewers. It is cowardly because the true believer lacks the resolve and backbone to question their own preconceptions.


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