Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Working Class, continued/

William Saletan makes the point that Bush won because of simplicity. Unfortunately, the leader of the most powerful country on Earth cannot afford to be that way.
And that's the dilemma. Many people want an "average joe" to be their leader, yet, an average person can't run the country very well.
The strength of Clinton is that he was able to come across as an average joe, yet was smart enough to confront the complexity of the world.
Part of the trend with Bush supporters is to vote for people who reflect personal values. They forget, however, that just because leader might share a voters personal values doesn't mean he will engage in policies that will benefit his consistence.
People should vote for someone who engages in policies that benefit the voter and society as a whole. (the whole premise of the book "What's the Matter with Kansas")
Many working class and middle class are not making the connection between Bush’s flawed policies and the man himself. Because he is perceived as "one of us" all is apparently forgiven.
This is "identity politics" in its most destructive form.


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