Thursday, April 28, 2005

Poly, sigh..

The GOP has gone completly off the deep end.
Many pundits predicted this would happen if Bush won, but, whoa! : o
Of course, Democrats might get the last laugh. Americans (for the most part) generally tend to be politically moderate and fearful of too much radicalism. Poll after pool shows that most Americans think the GOP (and the religious right especially) has gone too far.
The right in this country may very well find itself on the verge of a very rude awakening.
All fundamentalism, at its core, is against individual freedom. It doesn’t matter at all what form it takes, Be it Christian or Moslem, Hindu or Pagan. It doesn’t matter if its led by Bob Dobson, Louis Farrakan or Bin Louden.
Because what all Fundamentalists have in common is a fear of personal autonomy in all its forms, be it control over one’s sexuality, values or freedom of thought.
And those who fear freedom tend to fear the truth as well. (Its no wonder that Fundamentalists are against science, reason and skepticism)
A threat to freedom is a threat to freedom, regardless of how it is rationalized.


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