Tuesday, March 29, 2005

LIfe and Death

The line between selfishness and altruism isn’t always so clear. This especially the case with people in a permanent vegetative state.
Many might regard pulling out a feeding tube in such a case as "selfish". But, it might also be viewed as an act of mercy.
Sometimes, a person might maintain life support of loved one not out of genuine concern, but because they can’t live without them.
If there is an afterlife, they are just keeping their loved ones from the next world. And what could be more selfish than that?
If you love somebody, set them free...
There is also another fundamental question. The money, time and resources spent on a person who will never recover might be better spent housing the homeless or providing healthcare for the poor.
Indeed, the time and money spent on someone in a permant vegetative state might save the lives of dozens of others who can get better.
If Bush really considers "all human life equal" then why does he advocate policies which benefit the rich over the poor? Why does he cut medicade for children yet give his own offspring the best healthcare imaginable?
Why does he send the sons and daughters of others off to war but not his own? All human life is equal, but some lives are more equal than others, apparently..
Look at the world and its history. When has all human life EVER been valued equally?


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