Friday, February 18, 2005

Past Thoughts

Bush’s recent Budget proposal is nothing short of an outrage. It hurts the poor and benefits the rich, while at the same time driving up deficits to record heights. And it doesn’t even include money for Iraqi reconstruction.
Anyone who values fiscal sanity and the plight of the less fortunate should appose this budget at all costs.
Senator Mumbers and other right-wingers want to introduce legislation to prevent "indoctrination" of students by left-leaning college professors. Yet, they see nothing wrong with "faith-based" programs in which federal dollars go to support religious indoctrination. They also seem to be strangly mute about the unprecedented trend of news commentators being payed by the government to support Bush’s agenda.
If this is not Hypocrisy, then the word has no meaning.
These right-wing critics don’t care about "balance", they only want to muzzle liberal professors.
North Korea’s Regime is oppressive. However, not negotiating with them could mean an increased likelihood of a war of unimaginable consequences.
Unlike Iraq, North Korea has a million man army with a fierce loyalty to their leader. They have WMD which could lay waste to much of South Korea, Japan, and even parts of the US.
The US military is already overextended. The last thing it can afford is full scale conflict with casualties which could rival those of the Vietnam war.
Both Bush and North Korea are playing a dangerous game and we all may pay the price.
The more we look at nature and the universe, all the more arbitrary do the line that humanity creates becomes. We have created our own artificial reality, with culture, religion, propaganda, morality and the law.
The irony of the religious Right’s agenda is that it doesn’t really do much to improve people’s values.
Banning gay marriage won’t prevent a single divorce, banning abortion will not make people have more respect for human life, abstinence only classes doesn’t really stop teens from having sex, a 500,000 dollar fine for "obscenity" will not stop people from looking at internet porn and attacking cartoons won’t give kids a stronger sense of right and wrong.
Pat Robertson, Fallwell and others of their ilk are nothing more than con artists, convincing their supporters they use their money to "change the culture." They actually haven’t and they can’t, not really. The leaders of the religious Right deludes people into thinking their improving our society when they are only lining their own pockets.


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