Saturday, March 26, 2005

LIfe and Death, ect.

Morality has nothing to do with comforting the rich and powerful. Morality, by its very nature, demands personal sacrifice for the greater good.
Many libertarians and conservatives fail to grasp that government spending can actually help the strengthen the economy. Public spending on transportation and education are investments in the future strength of the economy and in social stability.
Another example is Social Security. Providing a safety net for retirees preserves their spending power and thus lessons the possibility of an all out recession. It is not a really a "welfare state" program because most recipients contribute to the program.
Of course, excessive taxation and to much
Bush is the worst of both worlds. He combines worst of liberal "big government" intrusion with the worst of Conservative laza Fair economics and repressive moralism.
We can't have it both ways. It is impossible to have personal freedom and not risk people making irresponable decisions or the risk of decadence and excess. This is the inevitable price of freedom.

President Bush wants to get big government off our backs. Unless, of course, its Terri Saveral, gay marriage, abstinence only education, flag burning, the military, the no child left behind act or banning drug imports from Canada. Let freedom ring..

Its strange that so many who believe in an afterlife should also think Terri Shavro should be kept alive. By the terms of their own philosophy, they are keeping her from heaven.

Congress recently had an emergency session in an attempt to save a single person who may or may not be conscious and may or may not get better. But, there was no emergency session to stop the massacre in Africa or to feed the world’s starving billions.
And, there is no ambiguity over whether these people are self-aware.
Similarly, quite a few people on the pro-life side are concerned with saving embryos which may or may not be human or self aware, but appose international human rights laws which save individuals who are unambiguously human.
If a person is really "pro-life" they should at least try for some logical consistency.

The Right has become what it hates. They have out done the left in terms of zealous activision and government intrusion.
They are more dangerous than the counter culture of the 60's because they have real power over government policy.
This is totalitarianism that dares not speak its name.

"The culture of life" is and issue that may backfire on many Republicans. Just before the Terri Shiavro case exploded into the public spotlight, many of these same "right to life" conservatives voted to cut over fifteen billion dollars from medicare. And some of the recipient may be in Terri’s condition.
And this fact is going to be in people’s consciousness. The right wing of the GOP may view their intervention in this case as a "winning issue,", as people wake up to their profound hypocrocy, it could easily backfire.


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