Friday, May 20, 2005

Archaics vs Prometheans

Another way of conceptualizing this basic conflict is that of Archaics vs Prometheans. What both sides have in common is a desire for transcendence. The difference is how they set out to achieve it.
Archaics find it through religion of one kind of another. The Prometheans a achieving it by their own hand and the tools at their disposal.
So, the archaics are sitting around and waiting for some God for "salvation" while, the prometheans are busy bringing about their own salvation.
Science, technology and individualism have brought about an unprecedented revolution for the human species. It has given us the capacity to transform ourselves and our societies in ways past generations could only dream of.
It has given us the capacity to throw off the shackles of the past and embrace something fresh, challenging and new. And the archaics can’t handle the new possibilities. In this respect, they are quite cowardly.
This is not to say that the modern world isn’t without a dark side. There is no free lunch, after all. And many have missused technology( Just look SUV’s, nuclear proliferation, etc. But, it gives us opportunities which we would otherwise not have.


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