Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Global Culture War

After the attacks of 9/11, Jerry Falwell stated that God let it happen because of "homosexuals, pagans and feminim." Many on the left viewed it as a result of America’s forein policy. Both extremes of the political spectrum seem to agree that America deserved the attacks.
From a broader perspective, Islamic extremists, Christian Fundamentalists and the radical left are all esennsually, on the same side.
They are all part of the "axis of primitivism." Despite some differances in idealogy, they are all united by one thing: The hatred and distrust of the modern world. They believe in tradition, dogmatic purity, tribal identity and reject science, reason and personal freedom.
They embrace blind emotion (especially fear) and want to take the world backwards to some idealized "garden of eden".
In contrast to the "primativists" there are the "modernists."
These are people who embrace the modern world with little reservation. They tend to believe in "free minds and free markets."
They believe in breaking boundaries(especially those imposed by blind traditionalism) going beyond the limits of sovereignty.
There tends to be a an economic, as well as differences in values.
The "primitivists" tend to be left out of the benefits of the global marketplace. Much of support of "primitive" values tends to come from the working class, which is increasly voiceless and powerless on the global stage/
The "modernists", on the other hand, tend to be college educated, have well paying jobs and have a more sophisticated world view. They have access to good healthcare and tend to embrace science and rationality.
A rather graphic illustration of this split in world views can be found in Morracco. The kingdom has long been known for its tolerant brand of Islam. But, something hass started to happen. The poverty rate has increased, the inequlity of wealth has gotten greater. As a result, much of the population outside of the cities has become more funimentalists and intolerant in their thinking.
In future, the split between these two groups will only become more pronounced. The modernists will have longer lifespans, genetic and cybernatic enhancements perhaps even colonizies in space. They will increasingly live in a very different world than a villager in the Middle East or the working class white male in the American South. Indeed, because of all the artificial enhancements, the "modernists" may evolve into an to another form of humanity altogether.
The "primitives" will live in a world which they no longer, understand and feel alienated from. As a result, they will become increasingly desperate, turning to ever more radicalism and violence. The moderns, of course, will fight back with techlogical proress and sophistication.
9/11 may be remembered by future generations as just the opening salvo in a global culture war.


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