Saturday, May 14, 2005

Prometheous and his enemys

The basic conflict in modern society is primitivism vs promethenism. This conflict manifests itself in many different ways.
The attackers of 9/11 weren’t just apposed to the US, But to the modern world in general. It was attack against freedom of religion, of reason, tolerance and the pursuit of knowledge. It was an attack against gay rights, freedom of expression, the rights of women and personal autonomy.
This is not just a global war on terror, but a war on ignorance, poverty, fear, intolerance and narrow-mindedness. All these are factors in both the growth of extremism and terror.
Some think that US policy is to blame for the rise of terrorism. This is overly simplistic. Its possible that some of our actions have exsasperated anger and distrust among Moslems, but this alone is not sufficient to explain the rise of extremism.
Because much of it has to do with incombatible world views and values.
The extremists are indeed apposed to democracy and personal freedom. They’ve come out and said it themselves!
Some on the far left don’t seem to grasp this. They view Moslem terror as a result of an insurgency against Western colonialism. Therefore, they may be apt to view Moslem extremists as being "freedom fighters" rather than the opponents of personal freedom and progress. In doing so, they gloss over the ultra-conservative nature of Islamic extremists.
Ironically, some on the religious right(who are distrustful of anything Islamic) have also downplayed the threat of terrorism. Pat Robertson recently called liberal Judges a "greater threat than Al Queda."
It would seem that the far left, Islamic extremists and Christian Funidmentalists are all really "birds of a feather." They are, indeed the "axis of primitivism." They all, after all have a mutal enemy in science, reason and personal freedom. And they are all fighting a losing battle.
The future hold unprecedented technological change and social upheaval. It is a tidal wave of transformation accelerated evolution that will crush or change anything in its path. And, in the end, Homo Sapien will give way to homo Promethean, assuming humanity still exists in any recognizable form at all.

The primatives(like the dinosaurs of ages past) are staring down at the comet about to hit and wipe them out.


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