Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bush's Stem Cell Hypocrisy

Bush rejects stem cell research on the basis that "its wrong to sacrifice one life for another." To call him as hypocritical would be a vast understatement.
Bush has shown no reluctance to take this country into war. Whether a war is justified or not it will result in civilian casualties. The rational in such cases is that in the end, you’re saving the lives your enemy might kill. So the benefit of many occur at the sacrifice of a few.
In Iraq, the situation is much worse because, there’s no evidence that Saddam was a threat to the world or that the estimated 70.000 to 100,000 dead civilians would be any less that Saddam would have killed himself. There were no WMD’s, no signifgant ties to terrorism and it seem that his regime was on the verge of collapsing anyway. So all the Iraqi civilians, and US soldier more or less died for next to nothing.
Of course, some might ague that this is nessicary sacrifice to until democracy in the Middle East. But, of course, this is easy for the people who arn’t being sacrificed to say this.
What’s even more galling is that the "human life" Bush is talking about is just a ball of undifferentiated stem cells(which is technically not even an embryo yet), with no consciousness, no perception of pain. They have no organized nervous system at all, period.
The real icing on the cake is that stem cell research holds the promise to save many lives and to vastly improve the quality of many chronically ill people.
In the end, opposition to stem cell research is an exercise in futility. Europe and Asia are developing it with breathtaking speed. And the billion of dollars in profit will go to their country and not to ours.
Bush’s opposition to stem cell research is not only hypocritical, it is also sanctimonious and in the end, ineffectual


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