Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Moslem Extremists Love Bush

Moslem extremists may denounce Bush in public, but in private, they must be celebrating him. After all, because of many of Bush’s policies seems to have given them more power and support from many Muslims. The end result of the war in Iraq, the one sided support for Israel the rejection of the geneva convention, and Bush’s general incompetence in forein policy has been the increased strength in popularity of Shia extremists, Iran and Hezbollah. It is Bush and his supporters, not liberals, who are aiding and abetting the enemy.
In the Middle East, Israel might be called the lesser of two evils. But, there’s a problem. Whenever Israel launches an attack, even if its in legitimate self-defense, it is generally done with weapons that were supplied by the US. So, if and innocent civilian is killed in Palestine or Lebanon, do you expect the family and the victims to say "God Bless American?" This is just another setback on the PR front for the US.


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