Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Folly of Regieme Change

It should be noted that few wars in history have actually achieved regime change. Even at the end of WWII America left the emperor in charge. (Albeit in a weakened position).
Once you overthrow a government, a power vacuum occurs. If you’re not willing to give full support to a new government, then you shouldn’t overthrow a regime to begin with. Because, "they’ll all live happily ever after" belongs in fairy tales, not military policy. In Iraq, we assumed that once Saddam was eliminated, everything would be just fine. And now, we pay for that delusion.
There will be now "end" to terrorism, any more than there will be an end to poverty or war. The war on terror cannot, therefore be "won". This harkens back to Churchill’s call for "eternal vigilance."


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