Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Its a Police Action After All

The problem with Bush’s approach to foreign policy is that the very unsavory regimens he shuns might actually give us valuable intel. Every conflict entails working with people who you might otherwise have nothing to do with.
With his all or nothing, black and white world view, the President has actually made the country less safe than it could be.
The bitter irony, of course, is that Bush has no moral qualms about throwing out the geneva convention or outsourcing torture to corrupt Arab regimens. Another contradiction is that the countries Bush views as "friends" (such as Pakistan and Saudi Arabia) have probably contributed to the rise of extremism in the Arab world as much as Iran and Syria!
For being so "back and white" in his morality, Bush seems to have some grayness of his own.
The recent terror plot was discovered not by bombing, but by human intelligence, the cooperation of other countries and police action. During the 2004 campaign, Kerry and other democrats were ridiculed for viewing the fight against terror as a "police action". But, that’s how most terrorist attacks are prevented.
Of course, there are instances when military action against terrorists is justified(such as in Afghanistan) It should be clear that this the exception, not the rule.
The billions which we’ve squandered on the Iraqi war would have been far better spent on securing our ports, improving human intelligence and beefing up our security in general.


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