Sunday, August 06, 2006

Muslim Facists

It should be noted that Hezbollah is a fascist organization. They are patriarchal, puritanical, and warmongering. And they want to t infatrate and take over Lebonon. But, Isreal’s heavy handed bombing campaign has only given Hezbollah more sympathy and support in the Arab world. Israel may win the battle but lose the war of hearts and minds among its neibors.
In the end, only Lebonon and the international community can undermine Hezbollah.
The United States and the world should hand out more aid to the Arab world in order to make it less likely for the people in that region to support extremists.
It should be noted that both Hezbollah and Hamas have gained support by providing food and basic services to people who have otherwise have nothing. This is how they have been able to gain support, even though such organizations are actually causing harm to Muslims by picking fights with Israel.
If there where no attacks on Israel, the Jewish state would have less reason to attack Palistine, the Gaza strip and Lebonon. This is a classic example of the blind leading the blind. Despite calling themselves "liberators" both Hezbollah and Hamas are actually causing harm to the people who support them.
In fact, Israel’s retalitaion may have been what Hezbollah had been banking on to begin with. They want to bring down the democratic government of Lebonon so they get more power.
And the damage that Israel’s bombing is doing to Lebonon’s economy is helping create the conditions which breed extremism.


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